Friday, July 22, 2011

Win Tickets to the Grand Opening Party!

After nine months of re-creating Café Sevilla at its new location, reconnecting with our staff and training new ones, and opening our doors to a sold-out weekend of sangria and tapas, we’re finally ready to let loose….and PARTY.

And we want you to party with us! Here’s another chance to win a PAIR OF TICKETS to our grand opening celebration on Wednesday, July 27. Take a scan through our latest blog posts and answer these three questions. We’ll pick a winner from all correct answers on Monday, July 25.

1. Jamón ibérico derives its unique taste from what food the pata negra pigs traditionally gorge on?

2. Manchego cheese is made with the milk of what animal?

3. Where did Flamenco dancing originate?


  1. 1. Each pig can eat more than twenty pounds of ACORNS a day. (Yeiks)

    2. It is made from the milk of the MANCHEGA BREED OF SHEEP.

    2. One certainty about Flamenco is that it originated in ANDALUSIA.

  2. 1. Acorns
    2. Manchega Sheep
    3. Andalusia

  3. 1. They graze on grass, herbs,acorns, & roots. The pigs eat more than 20 lbs acorns daily.

    2. Made in La Mancha region of Spain from milk of Manchega breed sheep.

    3. Spanish region of Andalusia in the 18th century.

  4. 1. Jamón ibérico derives its unique taste from the following foods the pata negra pigs traditionally gorge on: As piglets they are fattened on barley & maize; then graze on grass, herbs, acorns, & roots.

    2. Manchego cheese is made with the milk of Manchega breed of sheep.

    3. Flamenco dancing originated in Andalusia. ¡Olé! :-)

  5. 1. Weaned and fattened on barley and maize then allowed to roam and graze on grass, herbs, acorns, and roots.
    2. The Manchega sheep
    3. Andalusia

  6. 1. El jamon Iberico tiene un SUPER SABOR!!! gracias a que comen un CHINGO de acorns.

    2. El riquisimo queso Manchego viene de la leche del Manchega breed of sheep!!!

    3. El sexy baile flamenco origino en Andalusia!!!

    AMO al cafe sevilla!!!

  7. 1. They are free-range pigs between Spain and Portugal that eat only acorns.

    2. The cheese is made from Sheep's milk

    3. Flamenco originated in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia

  8. 1. Acorns
    2. Sheep
    3. Andalusia, Spain